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This un-profound and un-helpful comment was prompted by the 5/15/2017 board meeting.

I recommend watching the board meeting recording and then you will know all that I do. I suggest you advance directly to the item #3: 2017-167 Cooperative Update - J Hewa.

My Chrome browser would not display the video. If you encounter the same issue, simply use another browser program.

I would have preferred to see the board address the issue in some way at that meeting, rather than hide everything behind the wall of "executive session". At minimum an attempt should have been made to communicate a timeline and mechanism for more information to be shared with the membership. Better still would be outlining steps to address Mr. Hewa's concerns. His performance up to this time has been solid and to lose him over such an issue is disappointing. Finding the right fit in a CEO is no trivial matter as it arguably took 3 tries for the PEC to do so and a few years to benefit in overall performance as Hewa made significant operational and personnel decisions early in his tenure but such efforts take time to bear fruit though they did.

UPDATE: 5/30/2017 - John Hewa officially resigned on May 25th. PEC website notice.

This occurred after an emergency board meeting. Nothing posted in the formal PEC posting site:

My hope had been the issues created last fall had passed and I looked forward to some productive project time with PEC's senior management in a the director role. Now it looks like a CEO search and unknown personnel issues will dominate the rest of the year - drat.

I feel sympathy for whomever wins the director election. My enthusiasm for the role is dampened even as my sense of obligation has risen. It was an error to casually lose such an effective CEO, when from my vantage point, it was the board whose action (or inaction) was most in question.

UPDATE: 6/3 - Austin American Statesmen article on Hewa's resignation can be found here: link

Aug. 2018 - I must admit that once I had no skin in the game (beyond my personal electric bill), I behaved like the vast majority of people and paid little attention to PEC activity. I suppose we can all be grateful for the relative calm that appears to have followed selection of Julie Parsley as CEO. I do hope that PEC will show greater aspirations on its energy sourcing. It has the option to source 20% of its power from other than the LCRA and seems to be doing little to leverage that opportunity to deliver a healthier low-carbon emission portfolio.

Dec. 2018 - As suspected, $ was passed to Mr. Hewa in exchange for his quiet exit. Sad that we can't discuss such things in a transparent way. Who benefits from this except those who wish to distort the real picture?